How to use Hair Serum #DM027

A miraculous haircare product to beautify and reshape hairstyles

David Mallett, a renowned Paris hairdresser, is very passionate about the beauty of hair and is constantly searching for the perfect product to enhance hair. He decided to develop it himself -- with the aim to make styling and maintenance easier, while still protecting and nourishing the hair. It took three years of research and 27 different formulations before David was satisfied and Hair Serum #DM27 was invented.

"I developed this product to meet the needs of my clients in my Paris salon. They tend to have very busy, demanding, sociable lives, and they need their hair to look amazing every day and not just after they have visited the salon." David Mallett

The uniqueness of our products: pure essential formulas
• No added chemicals where there's no need
• No fragrance or very little fragrance for maximum tolerance even for the most sensitive clients with allergies.
• "Light-weight" formulas to avoid weighing down the hair and to provide an airy feel.

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