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  • Volume Powder

    Volume Powder

    In Volume Powder, David Mallett has developed a product that gives his clients an easy tool to create dishevelled and gorgeous hair that has both volume and bounce – this year’s must-have, Mallett says. Read More

    03/21/2016 Products
  • About David Mallett

    About David Mallett

    At the age of 4, in suburban Australia, David Mallett had already decided to become a hairstylist. He has, in his own words, always been "quietly obsessed with hair". It is an obsession which has been recognized by some of the world's most celebrated and influential people. Read More

    03/16/2016 David Mallett
  • Jessica & Rishi, David Mallett Paris

    At David Mallett’s salon, everyone seems like a “regular”. It’s the sort of place where clients become friends, who invite their friends, who—I imagine—all go on vacation together, and that vacation is jetting to somebody’s villa in Majorca or Morocco or Madagascar. Read More

    03/15/2016 Presse, online 0
  • Survival Kit for Paris Men’s Shows

    Survival Kit for Paris Men’s Shows

    The men’s wear pack has moved on to Paris, the last leg of the European market and — perhaps — a time for indulgence.Read More

    03/15/2016 Presse 0
  • Macadamia Nut Oil

    Macadamia Nut Oil

    This oil is made from the native Australian macadamia nut and was used by Aborigines for its cosmetic properties.Read More

    03/09/2016 Ingredients
  • Keravis


    A unique vegetable-based protein complex acting on the three parameters of hair health: strength, beauty and shine. It provides a threefold strengthening of hair strands compared to conventional products and dramatically enhances the condition of damaged hair. Read More

    03/09/2016 Ingredients
  • Nori Seaweed Extract

    Nori Seaweed Extract

    This red alga has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. It is rich in proteins, vitamin A, C and B12 asRead More

    03/09/2016 Ingredients
  • Silicones


    Some product formulas contain a new generation of high quality silicones in carefully balanced amounts, to meet the necessity for excellence of the product and perfect appearance of the hair. Read More

    03/09/2016 Ingredients
  • Top-notch hairdressers for top-notch hair

    Top-notch hairdressers for top-notch hair

    "Beyond providing an expert cut, color, sophisticated chignon or superb extensions, luxury salons provide a highly personalized welcome.Read More

    03/09/2016 Presse, online 0

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