Street-strolling with Australian Salt Spray and Beard Balm

Today, the David Mallett Salon has become one of the most celebrated hair and beauty spaces in the world. This video is a glance behind the magical curtain to the world where David and his team create and present you with our unique vision and specially developed range of hair products, which many of you have fallen in love with.

This video is also our ode to Paris, the City of Light, where over the past ten and something years, our salon became what it is today. The looks and stereotypes seen here, together with cobblestone streets, beautiful Parisian cityscapes and local café terraces form a part of the psyche that most of our clients associate us with.

Our Australian Salt Spray is a high-quality styling product that guarantees David Mallett’s trademark bouncy look; the David Mallett Beard Balm on the other hand, was developed exclusively for men who want to treat their facial hair just as well as the hair on top.

Posted on 05/08/2015 Videos, Image 0

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